Why I Experienced a Breakthrough


Have you experienced a surprising breakthrough during these lockdown months?

I experienced a major creative breakthrough during COVID-19 that taught me things about business and life that I would like to share with you. 

I was raised in a musical family. My grandfather was a concert pianist and music teacher. My father has been a tenor in the Sydney Philharmonia Choir for 25 years.  My brother is a DJ and music producer. My male cousins are all musicians. Why do I emphasise male? Because there has always been a mythology that it was the men of my family that were musical.

I love singing, but at some point in my teenage-hood I started telling myself the story that in my family, as a woman, I am not cut out to be a musician. So instead, I carved out my niche in academia, business and entrepreneurship. I stood out in my family for this and my confidence grew and I continued to excel.

When COVID lockdown happened, I saw it as an opportunity to unlock music in me. It did not come from a place of confidence, but from a place of courage. I released several motivational videos on bizzi about COVID being a great equaliser, about pivoting and about extreme generosity. You can watch them here.  

After decades of telling myself I couldn’t do music, I realised that I actually could if I wanted it badly enough. I decided I needed a mentor to guide me and show me how to write a song. I knew exactly who I wanted to help me, so I contacted him and he agreed to take me under his wing. The songwriting flowed beautifully and quickly. In fact, it went so well that we are now collaborating on a major creative project. 

I share this story to demonstrate the power of breaking through quickly when you have expert guidance and support. 

There will be many times in your business and life journey that you feel you have come as far as you can through your own abilities; And that what you need is a mentor, coach or consultant to help you see your way forward in ways you had not even considered. Every successful person I know has mentors and uses coaches. 

There is power in reaching out to say you don’t understand how to do something, or you need help to take yourself and your business to a level that you have struggled to take it on your own. Especially now with COVID-19. We have all been thrown into a crisis that is impacting our businesses in ways we are struggling to deal with. 

My story above is exactly why we have launched our support net of community experts across 9 subject categories. Our bizzi MicroConsultants are here to help you work through your unique business challenges.

You can make things happen very quickly with the right guidance. And the beauty of bizzi MicroConsulting as that, with only a 1-hour session, you may be able to totally transform your thinking and take your business from micro to Mighty. All consultations are made online through bizzi and conducted via video within the bizzi platform. Use Coupon Code 10OFFBIZZI at checkout to get 10% off your first MicroConsulting session with your chosen MicroConsultant. 

Here are the latest tips from our bizzi MicroConsultants. 

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