The Renovation Power Collaboration


At bizzi we believe that once you understand how best to collaborate for your business, you can run multiple collaborations across industries and continents, as well as experience unlimited growth for your business.

This is why we teach small businesses how to collaborate. The possibilities for success and impact are truly endless.

Below is a collaboration example we love. We love it because this group of entrepreneurs built up their collaboration over three years and their team-up continues to grow in new and exciting ways.

What began as two businesses passing referrals to each other has become a vibrant collaboration involving nine more product and services businesses, creating a renovation power collaboration.

The businesses in this collaboration are:

  • mortgage broker
  • real estate agent
  • removal company
  • contractor/interior designer
  • curtain and upholstery maker
  • wardrobe designer
  • kitchen and bathroom fit-out company
  • air-conditioning installer and contractor
  • flooring specialist
  • feng shui master
  • home office furniture supplier

These businesses coordinate renovations as a team. Their relationship is built on trust and on strict standards of high-quality customer service and delivery. They are all independent businesses that are able to add immense value to homeowners who are generally overwhelmed by the renovation process.

Their collaboration has benefitted all the businesses involved.

And they are always on the lookout for other small businesses with complementary services and products to join their team-up – for example, a lighting supplier and architect.

Some of these businesses have gained so much confidence from the collaboration that they are now exploring opportunities overseas and will implement their export strategies using collaboration.



When I was explaining this great collaboration success story to a group of business women, I was asked, “What happens if the client doesn’t want the whole team, but just two or three providers?”.

I answered that any sale generated should be celebrated. One business might not be engaged by a client this time, but may get the opportunity next time. Every bit of business won creates a good reputation for the team-up as a whole. A collaboration is built on support and a shared vision of success.

At the end of the day, these businesses remain independent. They have come together because it makes good business sense to present such a unique offering to the market. They take the headache out of renovation. Together they are stronger as a collaboration and can offer better service to the homeowner.

It’s a win-win.

We teach you how to build and implement your collaboration plan so you can work out what types of businesses you should be collaborating with to reach your business goals faster.

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