Sugar Sweet – A Collaboration Story

Agriculture is big business in Australia, as it is in so many countries.


Every year, John, an accountant in regional Australia, likes to have a networking lunch for his farming clients.

This year, John organized a private room at a lovely restaurant in town.

Once all his guests had arrived, they sat themselves at the large round table. John wanted to do try something a little different.

“Welcome gentlemen. I don’t need to tell you that it has been a tough year, with the economy and the more extreme weather conditions. If you could indulge me, I want to start a discussion. If we could go around the table and everyone could share with the group what your biggest challenge currently is to your business. Tom, let’s start with you.”

Tom was a man of few words, so he got straight to the point.

The cost of sugar cane is killing me. The horses need it. It’s expensive. It’s starting to cost me more than the horses are worth.” He frowned. This problem had been keeping him up at night.

The next three farmers identified supply chain, fear of the giant conglomerates out-pricing them and weather as their main concerns.

It was Bruce’s turn. He looked at Tom smiling. “It’s my sugar cane! I can’t get rid of it fast enough. I need to clear my land, but it’s costing me too much to clear the stuff. “

No guesses what happened next.

At the end of the lunch, Bruce and Tom shook on a deal that enabled Tom to buy Bruce’s sugar cane at a cheaper-than-market rate.

John got the credit for initiating the collaboration as well as the job of managing the accounting for the deal. The other farmers were inspired by what they witnessed and understood business-to-business collaboration in a whole new light.

This is a wonderful story because it is true.

We love it for all the right reasons:

1. John was able to add value to his clients by opening up the conversation that enabled him to connect them in a more meaningful way.

2. If you tell people what challenges you have in your business, they may have the perfect solution for you, or know someone who does.

3. If you don’t share what keeps you up at night, the problem just gets bigger.

Bizzi lets you create opportunities to shout out for help, share ideas and knowledge, get market feedback, sell together and source products and services.

If you are a farmer, think about that time where you didn’t have enough harvest to supply an order, and would have loved to collaborate with others to fill it together.

If you are a service provider like John, you can initiate the same interaction as he did for the farmers by creating a TeamUp of your clients on bizzi. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are located, they will then all be able to work together and you will get the credit for making this happen.


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