Personalised support to solve your business problems.

You are passionate about why you started your business. However, the daily reality of running a small business often takes the joy away. You don’t have all the answers and fear making the wrong decisions. Sometimes, you just wish you had somebody to talk to who understands your issues, can answer your questions and help you get on a clearer path to success.

This is where bizzi MicroConsultants come in.

When you join bizzi you benefit from our community experts, who we call bizzi MicroConsultants. They are our vetted and verified panel of mentors, coaches and consultants who provide knowledge and insights across the key areas of your business – Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Operations, Legal, Technology, Human Resources and Finance.

Business owners book bizzi MicroConsultants when they need personalised support to solve a business problem and seek advice.

How it works

Find and book your expert

Search for a bizzi MicroConsultant with the relevant expertise for your current business challenges. A session can run from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Have your session

Sessions are conducted via video call from within the bizzi platform. You will have a chance to brief your MicroConsultant prior to the call.

Search for experts now with the following expertise:

The support of bizzi MicroConsultants enables our community of micro business owners to feel mighty across all aspects of their business.

I just need one hour with someone who can confirm if my strategy is right.

I am a sole founder and would love to discuss my challenges with someone.

Our operations need to be reorganized. I need to speak to an expert about this.

Things are tough. We are desperate, but cannot afford to pay much for a consultant to help us.

Grow your business from micro to Mighty
using our verified advisors and mentors.

Fantastic session! I have been using social media for 5 years now, and I learned more in this MicroConsulting session than ever before.

3 key nuggets of knowledge I had never considered! Thank you bizzi.
- Rebecca, Founder, The Virtual Room


Maarten was an absolute pleasure to speak with! Clearly a very intelligent individual with a strong grasp on his areas of expertise. Maarten was very generous with the advice he offered me and certainly gave me a lot of great points to think about.

I look forward to working more with Maarten in the future!
- Christian, DisQushun Media (startup phase) app/business/disqushun- media/opportunities


I engaged Clinton as a bizzi MicroConsultant. I am so glad I did. He has taught me so much in the span of just 2 months.
My social media pages look amazing and I am generating more sales. There was no pressure to sign up, no promises of greatness. Clinton answered all my questions and has just been the best!"
- Gailey, Founder Wink Silk, Singapore


"When I found myself spinning with the success of an accidental business, I realised I needed advice. I opted to get help from a bizzi MicroConsultant, which was brilliant. I got the information I needed, and moved forward confidently with my business.

I absolutely love the bizzi MicroConsulting concept. No lock in contract, no pressure, and I got to speak with an awesome advisor. Win-win!"
- Nici, Founder SSEW, SIngapore


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Grow your business from
micro to Mighty using our verified advisors and mentors.