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The way the header presents in bizzi’s tutorial videos is how it looks on a full-sized desktop or laptop. Bizzi’s video tutorials have been filmed using a 13-inch MacBook Air. If your screen size is smaller, your menu may be compressed into the menu bar icon. If you click the menu bars on the far left of the header bar you will see My Opportunities, Notifications, Messages and your Business Dashboard. If you click the magnifying icon on the right side of the header bar, you will be able to search All Business, Opportunities, TeamUps and MicroConsultants.

By setting up your business profile on bizzi, you are introducing your products and services to everyone on bizzi. Setting up an Opportunity for the specific purpose of selling your products and services is not allowed on bizzi and is in breach of Terms of Use. However, collaborating with other businesses on bizzi can lead to opportunities to increase your sales.

Trust is very important in business. Which is why we recommend starting to collaborate on bizzi with businesses you already know and trust. As your teams grow, team members will have their own relationships of trust with businesses they wish to invite into the team. Referrals already come with a layer of trust. We suggest that common sense, respect and due diligence are the best approach here.

Absolutely! Use the Invite Contacts button to invite your contacts to bizzi. Your dashboard will keep track of everybody you have invited and show you once they have joined bizzi, or if your invitation is still pending.

Correct. The current version of bizzi offers one login per business. This feature will be expanded soon to enable all staff in your business to be able to log in individually.

Absolutely! We encourage you to be part of as many collaborations as you wish to join. It is good to have a specific theme for each collaboration, so you can set up a new team for each discussion/project to keep you focused and organised. bizzi provides you with a dashboard and messaging system to track all your collaborations.

Start by selecting Create a Team in the dashboard, then invite members to your team using the Invite to Team button in Opportunities.

We appreciate that you will only want members in your team who you know and trust. Most people have businesses who they already work with… start here by inviting them to Join your Team on bizzi, then use bizzi to streamline your communication and coordination with them.

Polls help keep team decisions equitable and democratic, by helping you as the Team Admin to get feedback on a range of actions and decisions that the team needs to make. For example, adding or removing a new team member, and changing the team’s profile.

Opportunities can be created on bizzi to help both your business and others. There are a range of opportunities, including shout-outs to collaborate, idea sharing, asking for feedback, knowledge exchange, getting help from other business owners, and the sourcing of a range of products an services. Click the Opportunities button in the top menu to access all these options.

No. bizzi has been designed to give every business an equal opportunity. No business will ever be able to gain an advantage another business by advertising or getting a featured listing on bizzi. This is part of our promise and commitment to making sure that every business on bizzi has as much chance as everyone else to be seen.

If you are a small business that needs to source products, services or expertise from other businesses, locally or globally, post it as an Opportunity. If you are a big business, government organisation or institution, trying sourcing what you need from SMEs/small businesses, also by posting these as Opportunities.

 There are two ways for teams to grow. You invite a business on bizzi to join your team OR a business requests to join your team. In the case of requests, your existing team members need to approve all new team members. This is managed through running a poll.

Public opportunities can be seen and viewed by everyone on bizzi. All communication and messaging related to that Opportunity is public. Replies to private opportunities remain between just the business that listed the opportunity and any business that responds to it.

Businesses can collaborate in many ways. It could be passing referrals, or working with a group of businesses to create new programs, new initiatives or new offerings. There is strength in numbers. If a collaboration between businesses benefits all parties and there is a spirit of good will, combined with good coordination, the rewards will show.

As a global startup, bizzi will be rolling out multiple language versions in the coming months. Spanish will be our first non-English language to be introduced, sometime in August 2017.

Keywords let you be specific about the expertise of your business, and particular niches that you are in. The more specific your keywords, the easier it is for other businesses to find and collaborate with you.

In the top menu bar, you will see an envelope icon. This is the shortcut to opening your direct, team and opportunity messages.

Messages can be sent within teams, between teams and businesses, and between businesses.

Simply upload your contact list as a CSV file to bizzi, then ask bizzi to send your invitation to everybody on the list. To make a CSV file, open your contact list in Excel and Save As Comma Separated Values (.csv). You can include a personal message to your contacts as well.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

Send us a message and let us know your question.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

Send us a message and let us know your question.