A supportive environment

To always maintain the highest standards of professionalism, please conduct your sessions in a quiet place. It is not acceptable to take calls from clients while driving or sitting in a noisy café. We prefer that you set aside a dedicated space in your home or in your office to conduct your calls, but will leave this to your best judgment.

Be respectful

Some businesses will book a session as a “one-off” because they may just have a question or two they need answered, or they want some direction or validation for their current or planned strategy.

Some businesses with more complex issues or bigger plans may need more help. If you feel that your client needs additional support, please manage their expectations as soon as you realize this so that they understand that they will need a few more sessions to work through their issues. (To add that we have just written a blog for clients that will help them manage their own expectations of you).

Feel free to suggest a weekly, fortnightly or monthly call. But please do not pressure clients to do more sessions with you. They may not feel they can afford regular sessions, or they may not feel they have connected with you on a personal level. Please respect their wishes if they do not want to rebook.


At bizzi, we go to a lot of effort and cost to promote bizzi MircoConsulting to give every MicroConsultant on our platform the chance to win clients and grow their businesses. We want our MicroConsultants to have as many opportunities as possible.
As a result, we expect that should any client find a MicroConsultant on our platform but try to book them outside of it, the MicroConsultant will ask them to book through the platform.

If a bizzi client books you outside of bizzi MicroConsulting, you will given a warning. If this happens again, we will have to withdraw your approval as a bizzi MicroConsultant.

Trust, Honesty and Compassion

A number of the businesses you will deal with as a MicroConsultant will be going through some really tough times. While you need to deliver them an honest assessment of their situation and give suitable advice, we expect you to do this with compassion and understanding of their circumstances.

The Spirit of Giving Back

Until now, small businesses have often missed out. When passing on your knowledge and expertise to bizzi MicroConsulting clients, you need to make sure that this supports their business goals and remains aligned with their vision. If they do not have a vision, help them create one. Never push your own agenda for what you think their business should do.