Our Approach to Pricing

To give you time to get to know each other, bizzi is completely free for now.

When pricing is introduced, we will offer a free version plus a low-cost, all-access monthly subscription.

Pricing for bizzi will be per business, not per user. And it will be low enough that every business, no matter where you are, will be able to afford it. We do not want anyone to miss out on having full access to bizzi.


Creating opportunities will always be free

Our goal is for you to win more business. To achieve this, we want to make sure that you have access to as many opportunities as possible.

Here is our promise:

Anyone who just wants to post and manage an opportunity on bizzi will pay nothing...ever.


Our challenge to governments and big business

As the world moves towards the collaboration economy, everyone wants to help small business but are not sure how to do it in a sustainable way. With bizzi, now you can.

Small businesses need more access to more opportunities more often. We are doing our bit to provide this access, but we need your help.

Examples of opportunities include sourcing of products and services, idea sharing, research, collaboration, or asking for feedback.

It takes just minutes to post an opportunity on bizzi and, together, government and big business have the potential to help millions of businesses around the world at no cost.

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