LEON : Generalist

South Africa

Mar 2018

Areas of Expertise

Business Consulting
Business Development
marketing strategy
Sales Strategist
sales strategy



The Coaches Coach, Executive Mentor and Trainer. Marketing and Sales Strategy & Training Specialist. Business Development and Growth Mentor.

I am a serial entrepreneur. Started my career selling diluted Golden Products cleaning solutions door to door to businesses and corporates. Completed a BSc Comp Eng degree (which I never used), and started my career as a software developer, doing development for Banking and Insurance. Moved to Project Management, opened my own Consulting Firm, working on Warehouse Automation, Organisational Restructuring, Financial Institutions, Financial Stock Exchange Software, Manufacturing etc.

Now run an online magazine, a training company, a financing and insurance business, and metal broking business. Also do coaching on personal and professional development, business development, and marketing & sales strategies. In the process of kicking off a tv series, where I will be the host, to share my knowledge on personal and business development worldwide.

Languages spoken/written

English Spoken - Fluent Written - Advanced

Previous Experience

Think Tanks 6-10 years
Individual & Family Services 6-10 years
Education 6-10 years
Management Consulting 11-15 years
Marketing and Advertising 11-15 years
Business Services 11-15 years
Nonprofit Organization Management 6-10 years
Professional Training & Coaching 11-15 years
Consulting 11-15 years

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