South Africa

Mar 2018

Areas of Expertise




I have served as a facilitator of successful marketing, consumer loyalty and delivering high caliber value experience to customers.
I have provided outstanding leadership performance in the accounting sector and as such my extensive involvement in group participation has advanced my communication skills, thus enabling me to lead, encourage and motivate others. Additionally, I have delivered sound work ethics and operational skills as Accounts Payable Manager which required dedication, perseverance, fine etiquette and exceptional customer service.

I strongly believe that the values I possess are incline with that of the organization, as I believe that professionalism is key in conjunction with confidence, maturity, positivity and importantly empathy. As an AP Manager, I have allowed my environment to shape myself with regards to the service I provide to my fellow colleagues, in addition to the positive, inclusion and safety I have instilled amongst them. As I am faced with different situations daily, I have learnt to comprehend that each situation is unique and as such sensitivity, open-mindedness and fairness is vital in dealing with each circumstance.

Languages spoken/written

English Spoken - Fluent Written - Advanced

Previous Experience

Accounting 15+ years
Luxury Goods & Jewelry 11-15 years

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