South Africa

Mar 2018

Areas of Expertise

brand communication
content writing and development
Market Development
media production



I enjoy business at a grassroots level as this is always the opportune time in a business journey, to craft one's principles and ideals to carry forth and sustain at the height of major success.

I love to be happy. Hence I realise that employee and employer health is key; mentally, physically, emotionally. Overall health for management and staff ensures workplace confidence has fertile room for growth. Confidence to present a problem up the chain of command before it festers, because the employee has confidence in the manager's calm in the face of adversity. Confidence in knowing the team that spent days and nights wrecking their brains with you, will rally behind you at the presentation, because they have the unwavering confidence in your ability to represent the heart of that killer pitch.

All this can only be achieved if we take the human approach to acknowledging the individuality of everyone in the workplace, and avoid obsessing over being impressive with every breath we draw, but instead accept that Mark always has to tell a fable in order to make his point understood by everyone. It works doesn't it? So leave Mark be :-) That is how he exercises confidence in his articulations.

Celebrated individuality is the cornerstone to a collective that is as successful as it is happy and loyal. And the most promising tool to profit optimisation is confidence in yourself, and confidence in those around you. This is no different in your personal life.

I have borrowed my skills to small and large business: Health and Fitness, FMCG (Fast/ movable/consumer/goods), Government services SME , Radio and Digital. Within the big businesses I tenured, their microbusiness subsidiaries stood at the heart of why the larger components, or bigger business focus yielded high profit margins. The majority of the private sector's work force as you may know, is employed by small business. And the majority of the world population are able to afford and survive the economy through small business products and or services. That is how small business grows from small to big in the first place. No business is born big. No matter the contrary perception they may sell.

I love the process of development. I love the fact that small business is a direct response to most of our social issues--employment, basic income, financial growth prospects, multiple skills development, affordable education, discipline under adversity, household income and many other bedrocks to sustained livelihood.

Do not check your emotions at the door. To build a thriving business and civil society, we require emotional fortitude. Passion.

You need not be oh so serious, to make serious money. Let's make fun profitable!

As a burgeoning entrepreneur myself, I look forward to leaning on your passion for my continued growth, and learning from your stories of resilience, that will no doubt guarantee mutually assured happiness and optimal success.

I cannot wait to meet you over and over again as you walk a renewed path with each stage of your development!

Languages spoken/written

Afrikaans Spoken - Conversation Written - Intermediate
English Spoken - Fluent Written - Advanced
Southern Sotho Spoken - Native Written - Native
Tswana Spoken - Conversation Written - Intermediate
Zulu Spoken - Basic Written - Basic

Previous Experience

Marketing and Advertising 3-5 years
Business Services 3-5 years
Media Production 3-5 years

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