After a year of brainstorming over double espressos, green tea and vegetable soup, we realized that if we could build a platform that enabled business collaboration, at low cost, regardless of location, we could provide millions of small businesses around the world with the ability to achieve unlimited growth.


Team behind bizzi

bizzi exists to benefit as many small businesses as possible, no matter where you are located. Here is the management team that is working really hard to make this happen.

Darren Harrison

Having lived in four countries and with 20 years of board and startup experience around the world, Darren wants to make a global impact with bizzi on behalf of every small business.

Miriam Feiler

A born collaborator, Miriam has spent 20 years building strong relationships globally and helping businesses come together to learn, share and grow.

Nikola Marinkovic

He pays special attention to the correlation between aesthetics and usability of the technology and has a major role in every step of the project, from brainstorming sessions to the launch.

Naomi Harrison

A corporate psychologist for 23 years, Naomi specializes in leadership and talent development, having worked with government and multinationals in more than 20 countries.

David Jaffe

David is a 35-year chartered accountant specializing in business advisory services and tax compliance. He has held roles as mentor in the School of Entrepreneurship at Victoria University and many honorary board positions.

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bizzi is the platform that powers the world’s small businesses to discover opportunities, team up and grow. The future of business collaboration has arrived.

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