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Join the world's micro business
community platform,
and grow from micro to mighty!

5 Tips to Get the Most out of your bizzi MicroConsulting Session


We asked our experts what their top tips were to ensure clients have productive and valuable bizzi MicroConsulting sessions. Here are their Top 5 Tips.

1. Be very clear
bizzi’s MicroConsultants have years of knowledge and expertise and they want to help you build a stronger and more successful business.

So it’s important that you are clear when communicating to them what your main business challenges and pain points are and why you are struggling to solve them.

Come to your first call prepared. This helps you and your MicroConsultant focus on what you need to get the outcomes you want.

If you have particular questions that your MicroConsultant can address in a 1-hour call, this is great. But if you have bigger challenges, these will require you and your MicroConsultant to plan how to solve them.

2. Manage your expectations
Too often, unclear objectives and unrealistic expectations can leave clients feeling unhappy.

Let your bizzi MicroConsultant know what you would like to achieve, what the time frame is and what your expectations are for working with them. By understanding your expectations, your MicroConsultant can better manage the relationship and the outcomes for you.

3. Take responsibility
Your bizzi MicroConsultants want to do their best to help you. But they are not mind readers or miracle workers! They are there to advise, guide and mentor you.

When you engage a MicroConsultant, you should not be outsourcing your brain. You need to be in control of the relationship and actively engage with your MicroConsultant.

Always remember, this is your business you are building. The responsibility for making improvements and decisions to make your business stronger is with you.

4. Be honest
If your business is really struggling and you believe it may not survive, this is not something to feel ashamed about. We have all been there. And you are most definitely not alone.

You need to be open about this with your MicroConsultant in your very first session. This will allow them to focus on what you can do to turn your business thing around.

It is important for you to know – and to tell your MicroConsultant – where your business is at, as well as the vision you have for it. The gap between these two points is your journey to long-term growth.

Being transparent and identifying these details – even just partly – will allow you to have a better discussion with your MicroConsultant. It is their job to then help you identify what you should do next.

5. Have a positive mindset

The stresses of business can be overwhelming. Please don’t feel like you need to suffer alone. Asking for help and getting support are your first steps to smoothing your path to growth and success..

There is a saying that a “smart entrepreneur never walks alone”.

bizzi has been built to create connection, collaboration and communication for the world’s micro and small business owners. To help you both run and grow your business.

Always turn up with a smile and a positive attitude.

If you are booking a MicroConsulting session as TeamUp

To support your collaboration efforts on bizzi, we have also made it possible for you and the businesses your are collaborating with in a TeamUp to book a MicroConsulting session together. One of you can book the session, then all of you can join it.

All of the businesses in your TeamUp need to be clear on the vision for your collaboration and how you would like your MicroConsultant to help you make it a success.

And finally….

Remember, you are booking ‘micro’ sessions. While you can book up to 4 hours with a bizzi MicroConsultant, we recommend starting with a 30-minute or 1-hour session for you get to know your MicroConsultant and for them to get to know you and your business. A good understanding of each other is just as important as the MicroConsultant’s expertise.

Then, together, you can plan what you need for future MicroConsulting sessions.

You can look for the right bizzi MicroConsultant for your business here.






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