It does not matter whether your business is a traditional offline one, or entirely online, this COVID-19 crisis is affecting all of us. Our no.1 tip here at bizzi is to boost your presence online. We get asked regularly by our community members what apps we use at bizzi HQ to help us get bizzi’s message out. We share them with you now.

As a startup, we need to be very mindful of what we spend each month. The apps we use are affordable, if not free, and oh so easy to use. Here are our top 5:


We use Mailchimp for our newsletters. We find it really easy to configure the templates and make our newsletters look very modern and visual. Mailchimp allows you to track link clicks, create multiple lists and  tag your customers, s0 you can send out targetted campaigns to segments of your database. We also like that we can A/B our emails on the bizzi community to see what gets the best response. Mailchimp also lets you resend your newsletters to customers who did not open your original correspondence.  Mailchimp has loads of additional features, like landing page creation and a fab new podcast, The Jump. Mailchimp charges according to the number of contacts in your list. Starting with a free version, it scales up in price as you scale up your business www.mailchimp.com


The most business-savvy way to evolve your business into one your customers love and will purchase from, is to ask them for feedback. We regularly use Survey Monkey to ask the bizzi community how we can create a better experience and outcomes for them on the platform. Survey Monkey is a free service if you ask up to 10 questions, but does limit the ability to download analytics and reports – so this becomes a manual process on the free version.
Even so, we work around that.  www.surveymonkey.com




The graphic design app that has put the power of design firmly in the hands of micro business owners. Create everything from social media posts to brochures to posters. Canva includes thousands of templates, backgrounds and graphic elements to put the wow into everything you produce.  It is so easy to use. I prefer to use Canva on desktop, as I like to work on a bigger canvas. Canva has a free version, and then it tiers up to $9.95USD per month. We pay for Canva monthly to get full access to all the features. I am sure you will agree when you look at bizzi’s Instagram and Facebook feed that our posts look really good. www.canva.com



I got very excited when I first found Wave by Animatron. It’s basically Canva for videos. It is a giant image and video stock library and video maker rolled into one. The templates are cool, and you can add your business’s branding and font into your projects.

For me, Wave’s best feature is that at the click of a button you can change the format size of your videos to suit the different social channels. We have created all of bizzi’s promotional videos using Wave. I only use Wave as a desktop/laptop experience. I have also found the company very responsive whenever I have a question. www.wave.video



Later is a scheduling app for your social media. It enables you to schedule your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest Posts in the different graphical formats. There are a number of such apps on the market, so do your research to make sure the scheduling app you choose will cover all the social channels you use. The best feature for me is the Preview for Instagram, which lets me see how the posts will look in the feed once posted. This is great if you want your posts to create a pattern in your feed. Again Later’  free version allows lots of postings. www.later.com 

We would love to hear what apps you are using your business. Tell us in the comments below.


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