Transform your micro business into a Mighty one.

Transform your
micro business
into a Mighty One.

You are a micro business owner with big dreams, but a small budget. You desperately want to succeed and grow a profitable business. 
Yet constantly feel limited by time, money - and other resources like staff, knowledge and contacts. bizzi gives you access to the resources and support you need to sell more of your products and services.

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bizzi gives you access to resources and support so you can make the right decisions and feel mighty across all aspects of your business.

Our community experts, bizzi MicroConsultants deliver practical and highly useful information in the form of articles, interviews and webinars.

When you need more personal support, all our MicroConsultants can be booked securely and seamlessly through the bizzi platform for 1-2-1 online consultations. Find out more about bizzi MicroConsulting.


bizzi is collaborative community for micro business owners.

A micro business is a solopreneur all the way up to a small business employing less than 10 people. Micro businesses represent as much as 96% of all the world’s businesses, which means if it very likely that you are one!

bizzi gives you access to other micro business owners (just like you) to connect and collaborate with. When you join you will see all these features.


Micro businesses that collaborate grow faster than those who do not.

Effective collaboration supercharges business success. Collaborating gives you access to new opportunities, industries and markets in ways you may not have been able to on your own.

When you make collaboration your no.1 growth strategy, you free yourself from the limitations you feel as a small business owner. bizzi opens this world up to you.


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